the vacuum graph

I was flipping through a recent copy of Dwell over the weekend and came across the following advertisement.

In case you can't read sideways, the * at the left says: "Machine representation relative to Air Watts. Suction tested against upright market to ASTM F558 at cleaner head, dust-loaded as per IEC 60312-1.

It caused me to pause (as most graphs, especially when found in unusual places - like a vacuum ad in a design magazine - do) and stare at it for a bit. I have my reaction, but rather than share that with you, I thought I'd open up this post to gather your feedback. What do you like about the ad? What bothers you? What do you imagine the creators assumed about their audience when they conceptualized the design? What questions might you want to ask the designers? Does the ad make you want to buy a Dyson?

Leave a comment with your thoughts. (I look forward to reading them!)