dogfood with data

My husband and I were watching TV one evening last week. One commercial caught my attention. It was a commercial for Eukanuba dog food.

I do not have a dog.

Still, there was something about the combination of music and video and text with a bit of data that left an impression. As a side note, I find it very interesting that because dogs have shorter lives, life-long studies are possible in a much shorter timeframe than for humans.

When I was searching for the commercial today (more than a week since seeing it), I did not remember the specific stats. But I did remember the message: their study showed dogs treated well on a diet of Eukanuba live longer.

I often get asked about the inclusion of pictures and videos when it comes to presentations in general. For me, the thing to think about is whether that picture or video will help you make your point and help that point stick with your audience.

Along those lines, I find this commercial to be an excellent example of storytelling with data. Enjoy!