what is story?

The year is winding down! While you were attending that holiday party or baking one more batch of gingerbread cookies, here at the Knaflic household, we've been recording another podcast. In this final 2017 episode, I discuss my perspective on what is story? and why those working with data should care. I also tackle listener Q&A on data visualization vs. storytelling, NFL football stats, and how to tell when a visualization is complete.

Listening time: 36:51. Links mentioned during the show:

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Next up for me: an early morning flight to the chilly midwest for a couple weeks off with family (hoping for a white Christmas!). Happy holidays!

introducing the SWD podcast


I'm very excited to officially launch the storytelling with data podcast! This first episode focuses on feedback in data visualization. I discuss the value of both giving and receiving data visualization feedback and potential problem areas to avoid. Hear The Economist's response to the recent hurricane data visualization challenge as well as answers to reader questions on the topics of when to use graphs, considerations with dashboards, and data viz 101 book recommendations.

Big thanks to Timo Elliston, friend and awesome NYC composer/musician, for the amazing original music, and to hubby Randy for encouraging all of this in the first place, equipping our office with recording gear, and for always being my biggest supporter.

I hope your enjoyment of the session is as great as the fun we had making it happen. If you like what you hear, please be sure to rate the SWD podcast on your favorite podcast platform!

Links mentioned during the podcast:


Feedback? email feedback@storytellingwithdata.com
Blog post: SWD makeover challenge on The Economist’s hurricane graph
Article: “Design & Redesign in Data Visualization” by Fernanda Viegas & Martin Wattenberg
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Article: The subtle art that differentiates good designers from great designers by UX Planet
Blog post: a tale about opportunity
Book: The Big Book of Dashboards by Steve Wexler, Jeff Shaffer & Andy Cotgreave
Book: The WSJ Guide to Information Graphics by Dona Wong
Book: Show Me the Numbers by Stephen Few
Book: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte
Questions? email askcole@storytellingwithdata.com