storytelling with data: learning through critique

On May 30th at 10AM EST, we hosted storytelling with data’s first live stream event, broadcast around the world. People watched, participated, and had their questions answered!

What we covered: Less than ideal graphs are everywhere! It’s remarkably easy to point out what is “wrong” with other people’s data visualizations. But much can be gained from learning how to constructively discuss and critique graphs—both for giving feedback as well as honing your own data visualization skills. Join this engaging live stream with Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, author of best-selling book, storytelling with data. You’ll examine core principles for communicating effectively with data illustrated masterfully as you learn through critique!

Stay tuned for future live stream events. In the meantime, check out our upcoming public workshop in Chicago, where you can attend in person or tune in live from anywhere in the world.

Learning through critique pic1.png