more Americans are tying the knot
than they are. In fact, when I first plotted this data in Excel, the program automatically zoomed graph that's layered over the first - this is a true example of brute-force-Excel) plotted only the where you want them to focus their attention. For those who are interested, the Excel file containing the above makeovers can be downloaded here. Brute Force Excel
"animation" with power point
Excel and Power Point, together with QuickTime Player. My approach was to build the final graph in Excel, and then make a number of copies of it, eliminating some of the data elements from each so that off topic. Today, I want to show you how you can use Excel and Power Point together with some simple QuickTime Player to record my computer screen and voice. Here's my resulting video: The Excel file Brute Force Excel
plotting a value within a range
line, and no shadow (I will never understand why Excel adds a shadow in the first place!). STEP 3: Plot I often refer to my method of creating graphs as "brute force Excel," meaning that you can make in this post can be considered a prime example of brute force Excel, where I walk through the steps almost anything work in Excel, but it sometimes means getting a little creative. The method described next challenge was how to create this visual in Excel. I'll take you through how I did this. The in this post can be considered a prime example of brute force Excel. This example was taken from a Brute Force Excel
slopegraph template
see whether one will work given the specifics of your data), you can download the Excel template I created here (screenshot below). Brute Force Excel
how to do it in Excel
comes to the graphs, how do you actually make them look like that? I'm not! Let me much everything I do is in Excel. I like to refer to it as "brute-force" Excel, because in many cases ; it's from the FlowingData Challenge earlier this year (original blog post here). The full Excel those who question their Excel expertise to some of my tricks. The following example may look familiar take a few minutes to walk step-by-step through an example to expose those who question their Excel expertise to some of my tricks. to the graphs, how do you actually make them look like that? I'm not! Pretty file can be downloaded here. What you require most to get from Excel's original graph to the one you how to do it in Excel
no more excuses for bad simple charts: here's a template
. There are those little things that I do every single time I use Excel: change the colors, remove the downloading). Perhaps in addition to eliminating some of my personal Excel time-suck, this will help alleviate If you're using Excel to try to tell a story with data, plotting the data in this application ...this all sums up to a big time save to start from a place that is different than Excel's defaults. So proud to present. I've often given others the advice to create a template in Excel that has some of
the waterfall chart
: what they are, an example use case, and how to use what I like to consider "brute-force-excel" to Excel on my chart. You can download the Excel file here in case you want to take a closer look (and , which Andy used) have built-in waterfall chart functionality. However if you're working in Excel, like case, and how to use what I like to consider "brute-force-excel" to create them. interim step between where I started in Excel and the final product: I have a stacked bar chart with two
multifaceted data and story
techniques might be of general interest, so will share them with you here. (The full Excel workbook is , if we simply plot the above data as a line chart in Excel, we get the following: I've said this directly. We removed Excel's random color choices (another Cole adage: never let your graphing looked like: If you're interested, the Excel file containing all of the above visuals (as well as the
kantar information is beautiful awards
. You can browse a ton of excellent nominations on the longlist, or see the culled shortlist here Beautiful Awards celebrate excellence and beauty in data visualizations, infographics, and information art
bar charts must have a zero baseline Infographics as a proxy for overall news quality Broken Y Axis in an Excel Chart of (not an exhaustive list): Bars & Lines: mefiez-vous des morceaux choisis
dogfood with data
commercial to be an excellent example of storytelling with data. audience. Along those lines, I find this commercial to be an excellent example of storytelling with data. Enjoy!
PolicyViz recreated Figure 5.13 using Excel and documents his process here. (You can also hear me and if you struggle to produce good charts in your everyday job with tools like Excel, Tableau, Qlik highlight a couple lessons from the book and tackle audience Q&A: Excel tutorial: Jon Schwabish of together in an easy-to-read guide with excellent examples that anyone can learn from to encourage
gridlines are gratuitous
data in Excel (using my mac). In the second chart, I stripped out a bit of clutter by eliminating the , and I will say it again: plotting data in a graphing application like Excel should be your first step
the power of simple text
responses to these questions. In Excel, we might end up with something like this: Not surprisingly, I
happy holidays!
here or the Excel file here. Speaking of gifts, I've heard that this can make a great one for the data-minded individuals in your life! Happy holidays!
call for examples
the typically slight modifications it takes to go from a standard Excel graph to a visual that really
and the winner is...
). Submission 2: Jon Schwabish Jon decided on an interactive Excel graphic (download available here), which came up with (I just show 4 here, but this approach continues for each of the affiliates; the Excel interactive Excel dashboard trend (downloadable here). I like the use of color to visually tie the line Jeff created both a Tableau dashboard (downloadable here) and an Excel dashboard (pictured below
kantar information is beautiful awards
Beautiful Awards, celebrating excellence and beauty in data visualizations, inforgraphics and
death to pie charts
what happens if you put the data in Excel and say "chart data". I've said this before and I'll say it again: graphing your data with a tool like Excel should be the first step in your design process
visual makeover: income and expenses
particularly effectively. Excel makes it easy to do bad things. Some of it is the default settings . If interested, you can download the Excel file. What is your view? Leave a comment with your thoughts!
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