SWD reach: now accepting applications!

Our mission at SWD is to inspire positive change through the stories we help others tell with their data.

We believe that everyone can turn data into pictures and apply straightforward tips to make their information understandable and have great impact. We strive to make our lessons accessible and reach as wide of an audience as possible through resources like the blog, podcast and live stream. We are excited to announce this new pilot program, which brings dedicated in-person instruction to organizations where budgets may be constrained.

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SWD reach is an application-based program for US non-profits, educational institutions, and other organizations. The goal is to connect newer, fully trained team members to a broader audience, sharing SWD lessons through a half-day workshop and guiding participants through hands-on practice to enhance their data visualization and storytelling skills.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: July 31, 2019

COST: $1,500

WHO SHOULD APPLY: The SWD reach half-day workshop is for non-profits, educational institutions, and other organizations that want to develop a culture of best practices related to telling stories with data along with hands-on training.

OVERALL TIMELINE: Apply by July 31, 2019. Chosen organizations will be notified in August and we will work with you to schedule sessions beginning in September (workshop to take place in Q4 2019).

HOW ORGANIZATIONS WILL BE SELECTED: Emphasis will be placed largely on the narratives provided in the online application. We are most interested in those that have detailed their needs for better data storytelling and demonstrated a thoughtful approach to how lessons will be applied after the session.

WORKSHOP SPECIFICS: The SWD reach half-day workshop is for up to 25 in-person participants. It is 4 hours, including a short break. Awarded organizations will host the workshop at their US location and provide a meeting space comfortable for 25 people, projector and screen, whiteboard or flip chart and markers.

EXPECTATIONS OF SELECTED ORGANIZATIONS: This program is best for organizations seeking to actively apply the lessons taught in the workshop and are committed to sharing learnings broadly. We will hold a post-workshop review meeting 4-6 weeks after the session to further foster and support data storytelling learnings.


Have a question? Read the following.

  • Who can apply? US-based organizations.

  • How long is the workshop? It is a 4-hour session.

  • When will the workshop take place? At a mutually agreed upon date in Q4 2019.

  • How many can attend? Up to 25 people.

  • Can you accommodate remote participants? No, participants must attend in person.

  • How much does it cost? $1,500.

  • When and how do we pay? Selected organizations will be invoiced at the time they secure their workshop date (to take place in Q4 2019).

  • Where will this workshop take place? Awarded organizations will host the session, providing a meeting space at their desired US location.

  • Who will instruct the workshop? A fully trained SWD team member.

  • Are books included? Two copies of storytelling with data will be provided.

  • What supplies will my company have to offer? You will supply the meeting room, monitor or projector and screen, whiteboard or flip chart, and markers.

  • Will you use examples from my organization? No, we will use examples we develop for the program, aligned with the interests and needs of awarded organizations.

  • How many organizations will be selected? We’ll determine based on quality of applications: our hope is to offer to at least 10 organizations, possibly more!

  • Will you do this again in the future? We aren’t sure; we’re treating this as a pilot program. It’s possible that we will offer again in the future but this will definitely be our only 2019 cohort.

If you have additional questions that aren’t answered above, email support@storytellingwithdata.com.

If you are an individual interested in learning opportunities, check out our upcoming public workshops. If your organization would benefit from a more tailored approach, you may be interested in our custom workshops.