Could your organization or team benefit from being better able to tell a story with data? Meet this need with a custom storytelling with data workshop. Sessions range from 45-minute presentations to day-long sessions.

short presentation

45-60 minutes
This short session provides a condensed overview of select key lessons for communicating effectively with data. It is ideal for conferences, large audiences, or diverse groups, where the primary goal is to provide some exposure to the basics for effective data visualization and storytelling with data and can be delivered in person or remotely.

WARNING: this short session will leave you wanting more!

Tucana  People Analytics Conference

Tucana People Analytics Conference

Scribed Dallas Data Visualization MeetUp (click image for full-sized version)

Scribed Dallas Data Visualization MeetUp (click image for full-sized version)

half-day workshop

4 hours
The half-day workshop covers the fundamentals of effective storytelling with data. Core content is focused on 5 key lessons: (1) understand the importance of context, (2) choose an appropriate visual, (3) identify and eliminate clutter, (4) focus your audience's attention, and (5) tell a story.

The half-day workshop is 4 hours and is instructed by an SWD data storyteller. The first part is spent discussing best practices and applying them in many real world scenarios. Examples are also collected from participants in advance and the remaining time is spend discussing how to apply the lessons learned to select examples. A subset are discussed in depth, with SWD makeovers presented to illustrate concepts covered in the workshop.

The half-day session incorporates a break and time for Q&A. It is best for groups of 20-30 participants.

full-day workshop

6-7 hours
The full-day workshop expands on the half-day session with the incorporation of additional content and hands-on practice. The latter typically takes the form of individual and small group exercises centered around each of the five key lessons, to highlight practical application and help drive the lessons home.

Depending on needs, practice can also take the form of a case study that participants focus on throughout the day in small groups. This approach works best when there is a specific example that is relevant to the entire participant group.

As in the half-day session, the full-day workshop also incorporates examples from the participant group. 

The full-day workshop includes time for multiple breaks (including lunch) and time for discussion and Q&A. It is best for groups of 10-30 participants.

All sessions (irrespective of length) are low tech: pens and paper are the primary tools used for practicing the lessons covered. The focus is on foundational principles for communicating effectively with data that can be applied to varying extent in any tool. Because of this, no specialized tool knowledge or laptops are required (best to leave the latter at home!).

Email if you're interested in organizing a custom session for your group.

a sampling of storytelling with data clients

praise for SWD workshops...

"Cole was a ROCK STAR! The insights on how to be effective in telling a story with data will improve the quality of my work tenfold."

"Thank you so much for your hugely successful presentation. EVERYONE loved it, was inspired by it, and is revved up to put it into practice."

"Thanks so much for your outstanding session on storytelling with data. I learned so much!"

"I just wanted to thank you for a very inspiring presentation, especially the 'hands-on' part. I've sure learned a lot and saw many of my own 'mistakes' on screen. Many thanks!"

"Excellent presentation. Topic was 100% relevant. Tips about colors and 'more is less' are my biggest takeaways."

"What did I like most? All of it. Super informative, fascinating, applicable content. Great, engaging presentation. Interesting content. Great tips and tricks."


"Cole is an excellent presenter. The presentation was clear and communicated an accessible list of techniques to apply to a range of charts and graphs."

"Your session was remarkable! I went to your session the year before and decided to go again as you have a gift of communicating clearly and meaningfully with and without data so I learn twofold!"

"My biggest learning was the realization that I'm not alone in my lack of design experience, and how easy it is to make a huge impact."

"Thank you so incredibly much for the extremely informative and inspirational session. I've already used your suggestions countless times and will certainly continue doing so. I've raved about your presentation (and flawless presenting skills!) to colleagues here; they dream of attending one day as well."

"Cole - your session was awesome. Can't wait to take these lessons back to my team."

If you're an individual interested in storytelling with data workshops, check out Cole's upcoming Public Workshops.