how long it takes to get pregnant

I love when data viz and life intersect. This happened for me recently, when I came across the following visualization - it's from a post a couple of months ago on flowing data.

How Long it Takes to Get Pregnant
Slightly modified from this post

The graph shows the odds of getting pregnant (y-axis) by the number of months one (or two as would typically be the case here) tries to get pregnant. The different colored markers denote the age (I assume of the female) trying to conceive. This shows that 25 year olds will nearly always get pregnant within a year of trying to conceive, and that this probability decreases the older you are.

How does this intersect life, you may ask? I had one empirical data point to add to the graph, denoted by the * at the (x, y) coordinate (5 months, 100%). Colored correctly, it would be somewhere between yellow and green.

For anyone who is still scratching their head to figure out what I'm talking about... 

I'm due in February!