wisdom of crowds: how can we improve this viz?

I am in the exciting process of selling a house. In case you're unsure, that sentence is dripping with sarcasm. While I tend to have fun on the buying side, selling (at least in my recent experience) seems to be all about fixing things and losing money.

Ok, that's enough ranting (almost)...on to the data viz. The broker I'm using apparently has a kiosk in the local mall that is meant to drive traffic to their office. My mild curiosity (and disbelief that this is an effective way to find buyers) prompted me to ask my agent what percentage of sales can be traced back to the kiosk. She sent me the following graphs:

While I can answer my question based on the visuals (4% of transactions appear to be driven by the kiosk - not much, but more than I would have guessed), these graphs seem to be poster children for how not to present data. In my current ranting mood, I could go on and on about what I'd change, but instead I'll try to get over myself and let you join in on the fun: what about the above visuals bothers you the most?

Leave a comment. Bonus points for discussing what you'd do differently if you were presenting this information.

Anyone looking to buy a cute rambler in Poulsbo, WA? :-)