and then there were four

Three may be a magic number, but my favorite number of the moment is four.

As in, we are now a family of four.

We welcomed Dorian Werner Knaflic into the world on June 23, 2014. You may recall the timeline that I posted after Avery's arrival. In comparison, this birth was pretty much the opposite experience (we had an appointment, walked into the hospital prepared for what was happening, baby came home from the hospital the same day I did). I continue to be amazed at the absolute perfection of this tiny being.

And because it wouldn't be a proper storytelling with data blog post without a data visualization of some sort, I'll share the following, created from some of the stats I've been collecting, both by hand and with my UP24.

A couple things are clear: Dorian is eating plenty, as evidenced by his steady weight gain since hospital discharge on 6/26. The longest sleeping stretch I get is typically the one preceding the first nighttime feeding (though there have been some nice stretches between that and the second night feeding as well). I was (naively) hoping that clear eating patterns would emerge, but we aren't quite there yet. In time. Surely there are other interesting insights to be drawn, however since I'm operating on a somewhat impaired brain from broken sleep, I'm not going to look too hard for those now.

Rather, let's focus on the cuteness of this little one...

Dorian Werner Knaflic
Born June 23, 2014
6 pounds 11 ounces